Saving Wales’s upland Water Voles

INCC and partners are aiming to save a population of one of the UK’s rarest and fastest declining mammal species, the Water Vole (Arvicola amphibius). “We have lost so many of our Water Voles in Wales over the past fifty years or so. If we don’t do something urgently, we may end up losing this […]

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Farmland restoration in the Vale of Glamorgan

In 2023 INCC were approached by new landowners in the Vale of Glamorgan who had just purchased a 77ha farm. Until relatively recently, it was a mixed sheep and cattle farm comprising of agriculturally improved grazed pasture and sileage fields along with small areas of deciduous woodland and dense hedgerows. The landowners are passionate about […]

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Amman Valley: Community Wildlife Garden

INCC and volunteers have transformed a piece of land in the Amman Valley into a wildlife garden, now thriving with wildlife and open to visitors. In early 2022 INCC took over responsibility for an area of land next to the bowls pavilion in Garnant, with the idea of creating a wildlife garden for use by […]

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Marsh Fritillary Project Update December 2023

Marsh Fritillary feeding on Meadow Thistle on Llantrisant Common.

It’s over a year since our last update on the Marsh Fritillary population reinforcement project and a lot has happened since then, both on Llantrisant Common and in the rearing pens at the National Botanic Gardens. In the last update we were just about to embark on the release of the next batches of caterpillars […]

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Yellowhammer Conservation in the Vale of Glamorgan

Yellowhammer. Clive Hurford

INCC is aiming to increase the fortunes of one of Wales’ rarest and most colourful farmland birds – the Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella). The project will see landowners and conservationists working together for Yellowhammers and other wildlife at a mixed farm in the Vale of Glamorgan. To help Yellowhammers and other farmland wildlife at the farm, […]

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Gwirfoddoli a INCC / Volunteering with INCC

Devil's-bit Scabious

Mae gwirfoddolwyr yn hanfodol i’r gwaith rydyn ni’n ei wneud. Mae Rhodri Rutherford wedi bod yn gwirfoddoli gyda’r INCC, gan helpu i fwydo lindys britheg y gors drwy ddarparu planhigion tamaid y cythraul ffres yn barhaus a sicrhau bod y planhigion yn cael eu dyfrio’n dda. Diolch! Volunteers are crucial to the work that we […]

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Conservation Report 2020 / 2021

Black Knapweed

Your support has made it possible for us to increase our nature conservation delivery in Wales and undertake important campaigns and species specific projects. The document below is a summary of the nature conservation work you have supported during 2020 – 2021. […]

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Saving the Marsh Fritillary in South Wales

Please donate to help prevent the local extinction of one of the UK’s most threatened and iconic species – the Marsh Fritillary butterfly (Euphydryas aurinia). The butterfly has undergone catastrophic declines throughout much Europe and the UK in recent decades. Although Wales remains a relative stronghold, even here many localised extinctions have taken place. “If […]

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Amman Valley: Overview

Tair Carn overlooking the Amman Valley. Photo Rob Parry

INCC has been working with partner organisations and communities of the Amman Valley to bring about a greater awareness of the wildlife people share their valley with. The work has already highlighted the importance of the valley for wildlife, and just how committed local people are about wildlife and nature conservation. The Amman Valley is […]

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