Biodiversity Remit for Natural Resources Wales

An update of our progress toward the Welsh Parliament (formerly National Assembly for Wales (NAW)) petition – Biodiversity Remit for Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

As you might be aware, the petition was formerly handed over to the NAW in February this year. Since then, the Petitions Committee, which is made up of several Members of the Senedd (MS) and chaired by Janet Finch-Saunders MS has been meeting and taking additional evidence from INCC as well as NRW and the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs (Lesley Griffiths MS).

Halting and reversing the decline in nature’ does now feature in the Minister’s annual remit letter to NRW. However, despite some progress, there is a still lot more that needs to be done and INCC has therefore continued to provide evidence to the Committee.

The Petitions Committee is meeting on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 (9:00am) where they will be discussing the petition in more detail. Below is a link to the Welsh Parliament’s website where you can view all submitted evidence and comments.

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