Issue 63

Front cover issue 63

A welcome and introduction to the edition (bilingual)

Captive rearing and population reinforcement in the Upper Ely

Tony answers our questions about his life in conservation

Restoring the natterjack toad to sand dunes in North Wales

Achub gweddillion fforestydd glaw gwerthfawr Cymru

Sharing your thoughts on tree planting in Wales

Un o ryfeddodau’r gaeaf / One of winter’s delights (bilingual)

Conserving Britain’s favourite mammal

Tackling invasive non-native plants in the Brecon Beacons

Recent records of note, and species to look out for this winter

Profiling an island rich in wildlife and steeped in history

Coastal foraging and gathering in 21st century Wales

Nature-friendly farming in the Elan Valley

Cefnogi llesiant a bywyd gwyllt yng Nghymru / Supporting well-being and wildlife in Wales (bilingual)

Exploring some of the terms used in conservation and environmental policy

Recent publications in the world of wildlife and conservation

Air pollution in Wales

Blue carbon stocks in Wales

A profile of the cover artist, Linda Norris (bilingual)