Natur Cymru: latest issue (winter 2020/21, no.63)

The first edition of the new run of Natur Cymru will be published in January 2021. Published as issue number 63, the sequence picks up from where it left off at number 62 in spring 2017, when the magazine was previously forced to cease trading.

Elan Valley by Sorcha Lewis
Elan Valley meadow, by Sorcha Lewis. Farming in the Elan Valley is a major article by Sorcha in this edition.

We are very excited to bring you this first edition of the magazine in its new manifestation. It will be slightly larger (longer, and larger in dimension) than in its previous form, and it will feel slightly different, being printed on uncoated paper. However in most other aspects it will feel very familiar to previous readers.

We are very lucky to have some fantastic authors, photographers and a local artist contributing to the magazine. Use of the stunning cover artwork, Island Bracken (mixed media on paper, 2018) has been donated by Pembrokeshire-based artist Linda Norris.

Our three flagship articles are:

(1) Marsh fritillary population restoration in South Wales, by INCC CEO Rob Parry (Welsh translation also available digitally to subscribers)

(2) Y coedwigoedd glaw Celtaidd (Celtic Rainforests), by Gethin Davies (English translation also available digitally to subscribers)

(3) This blessed landscape ~ nature-friendly farming in the Elan Valley, by Sorcha Lewis

Natterjack toad, by Pete Hill (ARC). Conservation work for the benefit of natterjack toads in Wales is presented by Pete Hill in one of this edition’s feature articles.

The total of 68 pages of content also includes major articles on hedgehogs by Naomi Davis (under our new regular slot for early-career conservationists, called Emerging Voices), invasive non-native plants in the Brecon Beacons by Bev Lewis of the National Park Authority, a profile of Cardiff Council’s Flat Holm island by Mat Brown and Rich Facey, coastal foraging and gathering in 21st century Wales by Liz Morris-Webb (under our new regular Welsh environmental research slot), the Biophilic Wales project by Kathryn Thomas from the National Botanic Garden of Wales, natterjack toads in Wales by Pete Hill from ARC, and an interview with Tony Cross.

Other regular features will include Perspectives (a new letters page, this time on the subject of tree planting), a bilingual species feature (this time on the starling, by Kelvin Jones), an update on recording in Wales by the LERCs, policy updates (terrestrial and marine) from Wales Environment Link, Green Bookshelf (recent publications) and more.

We really hope that you enjoy reading it. We want our content to reflect what our readers wish to see, so we would particularly welcome any feedback on this new edition and suggestions for future content – to get in touch, please email the editor, Lizzie Wilberforce.

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