Issue 63

Front cover issue 63

A profile of the cover artist, Linda Norris (bilingual)

Blue carbon stocks in Wales

Air pollution in Wales

Recent publications in the world of wildlife and conservation

Exploring some of the terms used in conservation and environmental policy

Cefnogi llesiant a bywyd gwyllt yng Nghymru / Supporting well-being and wildlife in Wales (bilingual)

The uplands of Wales have been ascending the political agenda over recent years, as differing visions for their future are formed
and debated. Sorcha Lewis describes her personal experiences of living, working and loving the land and wildlife of her upland farm in mid
Wales, during a time of great uncertainty.

INCC is keen to engage with of some of the cutting-edge environmental research taking place in Wales, and in each edition we will bring you news of a current research programme. In this edition, Liz Morris-Webb introduces her PhD research into coastal collecting.

Wales is lucky to be rich in coastal and marine wildlife, and its offshore islands are some of the country’s most important places
for nature. Mat Brown and Rich Facey introduce us to some of the special features of Flat Holm island, in the Severn Estuary.

Recent records of note, and species to look out for this winter

Beverley Lewis introduces a three-year pilot project that is working with landowners, communities, volunteers, and the public to control three invasive non-native plant species on the Rivers Usk and Tawe, within the Brecon Beacons National Park.

The first instalment of our new, regular feature in which we showcase articles by early-career conservationists. Inspired by the clear gaps in local hedgehog records around her hometown of Aberystwyth, Naomi Davis quickly became involved in recording and supporting the species in her local area. Here, she summarises their current status in Wales and takes a look at some of the current work taking place to help them.

Un o ryfeddodau’r gaeaf / One of winter’s delights (bilingual)

Sharing your thoughts on tree planting in Wales

Mae prosiect newydd sylweddol yn ceisio gwarchod yr hyn sy’n weddill o’n coedwigoedd glaw Celtaidd yng Nghymru. Mae Gethin Davies yn edrych ar sut beth yw coedwig law yng Nghymru, pam ei bod bellach mor brin, a’r gwaith sy’n cael ei wneud i ddiogelu ei

Welsh language article. A significant new project aims to protect what remains of our Celtic rainforests in Wales. Gethin Davies looks at what a rainforest is like in Wales, why it is now so rare, and the work that is being done to protect its future.

Once extinct in Wales, the natterjack toad has recently benefitted from significant conservation action to reverse its fortunes.
Pete Hill from Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) explores the ecology of this lesser-known amphibian and describes the
critical work being undertaken for its benefit.

Tony answers our questions about his life in conservation

The marsh fritillary butterfly has been a target for conservation action in Wales for many years, yet the species continues to face declines and local extinctions. INCC chief executive Rob Parry introduces an ambitious new project in South Wales which is seeking to change its fortunes.

A welcome and introduction to the edition (bilingual)