Issue 66

Natur Cymru 66 cover

Issue 66 overview

Native or conifer - does it really matter? Will our woodlands be the best they can be?

Mycologist Emma Williams answers our questions about her life in conservation

Uncovering the master of camouflage, the Angelshark

Safeguarding our seabirds

Bywyd gwyllt Camlas Abertawe

Exploring the importance of some of Newport's urban wildlife havens

The life of a prominent botanist and civic leader in Wales

Investigating one of Wales' scarcest lichens

Recent records of note and the all Wales bilberry bumblebee hunt

Cyflwyno yn o drysorau cudd canolbarth Cymru / Introducing one of mid Wales' hidden treasures

An unexpected decline in otter signs

Marine molluscs crossing the Atlantic

Exploring the nuances of wild flower seeding

Stephen Coker describes the ecology of this spectacular insect in Wales

Series producer Sally Weale describes the book that accompanies this BBC documentary series about Wales' marine wildlife

West coast living and adaptability

Outlining the current governance gap in the oversight of environmental legislation in Wales

A profile of our cover artist, Pembrokeshire-based Steve Halton