Subscribing to Natur Cymru

The basic cost for receiving Natur Cymru is £30 a year and this constitutes an at-cost subscription to the magazine. However, we would be delighted if any of our supporters felt they were able to donate more, and thus also support the work of the charity.

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64 pages full of top quality articles and illustrations.

Articles are published in their original language with a brief summary in either English OR Welsh (English translations of Welsh articles are available on the website in the "Manage Account" area).

You can also give Natur Cymru as a gift.

£30.00 / year

Natur Cymru Issue 58

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Set up an annual donation to support our work and subscribe to the the biannual Natur Cymru magazine.

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Minimum £40 per year

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How do I subscribe to Natur Cymru?

You can sign up online via our donations page or from here.
To discuss options or if you have any questions, contact the editor Lizzie Wilberforce on or 07794 811132.

What does my subscription pay for?

Natur Cymru is not run for profit. The £30 subscription cost is based on the minimum income we have to raise to cover the cost of co-ordinating, editing, environmentally-friendly printing, and mailing, of the magazine. Now unsubsidised, we have set this cost to enable us to continue under a financially sustainable model, based on a target of achieving the 2017 subscriber numbers.

What will I receive?

Individuals in receipt of Natur Cymru will receive a hard copy of the new, larger magazine twice a year. They will also receive a log-in for the INCC website, which will allow access to additional content such as reciprocal translations of a selection of published articles.

Who receives Natur Cymru?

Anyone who supports INCC to a minimum of £30 a year will by default receive Natur Cymru, unless they choose not to. It is an INCC supporters’ publication.

What are my subscription options?

We strongly encourage people to sign up for an annual direct debit payment via this website, if at all possible. This minimises the cost and time required from us to manage your subscription. However, you can sign up just for one year by online payment, BACS or cheque, if you wish.

£30 per year is the minimum financial support we require to cover the costs of you receiving Natur Cymru. However, we would be incredibly grateful if you would consider supporting INCC to a higher value; any donation over the £30 minimum will support INCC’s important conservation work in Wales.

How will you use my data?

When you sign up, we will collect certain personal data from you in order to manage your support of INCC, including the mailing of your magazine. We have data processing agreements in place with any contractors who handle your data on our behalf (our website operators, and mailing company). For more information please see our privacy policy.