Amman Valley: Community Wildlife Garden

INCC and volunteers have transformed a piece of land in the Amman Valley into a wildlife garden, now thriving with wildlife and open to visitors. In early 2022 INCC took over responsibility for an area of land next to the bowls pavilion in Garnant, with the idea of creating a wildlife garden for use by […]

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Amman Valley: Overview

Tair Carn overlooking the Amman Valley. Photo Rob Parry

INCC has been working with partner organisations and communities of the Amman Valley to bring about a greater awareness of the wildlife people share their valley with. The work has already highlighted the importance of the valley for wildlife, and just how committed local people are about wildlife and nature conservation. The Amman Valley is […]

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Amman Valley: Wildlife Surveys

Despite the Amman Valley supporting some nationally scarce species, relatively little biodiversity information is known about the area. INCC has always been keen to highlight the importance of the Amman Valley for biodiversity. The best way of doing that is to undertake ecological surveys. Identifying the presence and distribution of particular species enables INCC, to […]

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Amman Valley: Habitat Restoration

Wildflower roadside verge in the Amman Valley

INCC has been working with partners in the Amman Valley to begin restoring habitats, including marshy grassland and meadows. A habitat survey of a large part of the Amman Valley was undertaken by Carmarthenshire County Council (CCC) in 2020. The survey mapped the habitats in the landscape that are of particular importance for biodiversity. In […]

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Amman Valley: Kestrel Nest Box Project

Following the success of the Pied Flycatcher nest box project, INCC looked at other threatened species that could potentially be supported in the valley. One such species that could be benefitted by the efforts of community volunteers was the Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus). The Kestrel is a small and familiar bird of prey that was once […]

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Amman Valley: Pied Flycatcher Monitoring

Male-Pied-Flycatcher: photo Jeff Slocombe

INCC has been building and installing Pied Flycatcher nest boxes in the Amman Valley throughout a number of different woodlands. This is as part of INCC’s commitment to recognising the Amman Valley as a Landscape of Importance for Nature Conservation (LINC). The Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) is an iconic Welsh bird no larger than a […]

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