Amman Valley: Community Wildlife Garden

INCC and volunteers have transformed a piece of land in the Amman Valley into a wildlife garden, now thriving with wildlife and open to visitors. In early 2022 INCC took over responsibility for an area of land next to the bowls pavilion in Garnant, with the idea of creating a wildlife garden for use by […]

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Marsh Fritillary Project Update December 2023

Marsh Fritillary feeding on Meadow Thistle on Llantrisant Common.

It’s over a year since our last update on the Marsh Fritillary population reinforcement project and a lot has happened since then, both on Llantrisant Common and in the rearing pens at the National Botanic Gardens. In the last update we were just about to embark on the release of the next batches of caterpillars […]

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Marsh Fritillary Project Update

Earlier this year, INCC took a huge step toward securing the future of a fragile marsh fritillary butterfly population in South Wales. In February, staff and volunteers collected 80 caterpillars from the wild to start Wales’ first marsh fritillary captive rearing programme. Between 10 and 20 wild caterpillars were taken from five donor sites in […]

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Student Placement Blog: Katie Ritchie

Hello everyone, I’m Katie, and I’m helping to look after the marsh fritillaries as part of my university placement year at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. I’m passionate about pollinators and their conservation, so being involved in this project has been a huge privilege and an invaluable opportunity for me to learn more about […]

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Saving the Marsh Fritillary in South Wales

Please donate to help prevent the local extinction of one of the UK’s most threatened and iconic species – the Marsh Fritillary butterfly (Euphydryas aurinia). The butterfly has undergone catastrophic declines throughout much Europe and the UK in recent decades. Although Wales remains a relative stronghold, even here many localised extinctions have taken place. “If […]

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Amman Valley: Habitat Restoration

Wildflower roadside verge in the Amman Valley

INCC has been working with partners in the Amman Valley to begin restoring habitats, including marshy grassland and meadows. A habitat survey of a large part of the Amman Valley was undertaken by Carmarthenshire County Council (CCC) in 2020. The survey mapped the habitats in the landscape that are of particular importance for biodiversity. In […]

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