What is Natur Cymru Magazine?

Natur Cymru (ISSN 1742 3740) is a high quality, biannual paper publication about the wildlife and natural environments of Wales.

Each edition is 68 pages long (including cover content) and comprises a mixture of regular features (such as environmental policy updates, review of new books published, and current environmental research in Wales) and individual one-off feature articles on, for example, species, habitats or special places in Wales.

Produced to a high standard, the magazine includes beautiful photographs of its subjects and the cover showcases original artwork from artists based in Wales.

The cover artist is profiled inside the magazine.

How do I subsribe?

All supporters who donate £30 a year or more to INCC can receive Natur Cymru. This is the minimum cost of subscription.

There are two options, the basic subscription or subscription plus become an INCC supporter.

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64 pages full of top quality articles and illustrations.

Articles are published in their original language with a brief summary in either English OR Welsh (English translations of Welsh articles are available on the website in the "Manage Account" area).

You can also give Natur Cymru as a gift.

£30.00 / year

Natur Cymru Issue 58

Become an INCC supporter + Subscribe to Natur Cymru

Set up an annual donation to support our work and subscribe to the the biannual Natur Cymru magazine.

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Minimum £40 per year


The magazine is produced to a high environmental standard, using sustainably sourced and uncoated paper, and vegetable-based inks. Natur Cymru is a charitable initiative.

All the magazine’s content is donated by volunteers, who write all our articles, as well as supporting the inclusion of stunning artwork and photographs. We are dependent on the incredible generosity of the magazine’s supporters in this regard.

The magazine meets a need for a journal of record about the wildlife and natural resources of Wales, whilst also uniquely filling a publishing gap between a news magazine and an academic journal. In this way it fulfils an especially important role of enabling non-specialists as well as specialists to engage with this important agenda, and in an enjoyable way.

It also helps interested parties to engage with each other, and the diverse work being done in Wales. In this way it seeks to raise our collective level of knowledge and understanding of our natural environment.

Welsh Language in Natur Cymru

Within the resources available, Natur Cymru also seeks to support the Welsh language within the natural environment community by sourcing articles written in Welsh. It also supports Welsh learners by making a proportion of content available side-by-side in both languages.